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Energy Meters
Code: ED2450D01A800AW Brand: Elmeasure
Digital Meter, Class 1.0, RS485,4 channel, DC energy meter, 100AHall effect CT...
Code: ED2450D01D800AW Brand: Elmeasure
Digital Meter, Class 1.0, RS485,4 channel, DC energy meter, 200AHall effect CT...
Code: APFC Brand: Genus
The Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC), a unique solution to improve & regulate the Power factor, is a 3Phase 4Wire Electronic Energy Meter with integrated Power factor Controller...
Code: DCU Brand: Genus
AMR Solution, Data Collector unit (DCU) is a device with integrated LPRF & GSM/GPRS communication features. LPRF module of the device communicates with LPRF enabled Meters on-Demand or on Scheduled basis and stores it for further communication with HES. GSM/GPRS module of the device communicates wit..
Code: Din-Rail Brand: Genus
DIN Paylite is a split type prepayment metering solution comprising of Main Control Unit (MCU) and Customer Interface Unit (CIU) which facilitates easy installation of MCU mounted in pole top/ out side customer premises and CIU can be installed within Home as per consumer’s convenience. The comple..
Code: Gas-Meter Brand: Genus
Genus Gas Meter G1.6 (SKG16) is positive displacement gas meter. Within the meter there are two chambers formed by moveable diaphragms. With the gas flow directed by internal valves, the chambers alternately fill and expel gas, producing a near continuous flow through the meter. As the diaphragm exp..
Code: Grid-&-Sub-Station-Meter-ABT-Compliant Brand: Genus
Three Phase Four Wire HT CT-PT operated, ABT compliant, Time of Use Static Meter is a high precision microcontroller-based device and has measurement accuracy for both Active & Reactive Energy up to 0.2S...
Code: HTCT-Meter Brand: Genus
Genus HTCT Meter is a Three Phase Four Wire, Time of use meter ideally suited for Industrial/Feeder Metering. The Energy Meter is microcontroller based metering device with class of accuracy 0.5S and in-built GPRS/GSM Modem that simultaneously carries out real time calculation of parameters, manages..
Code: Kohinoor-WC Brand: Genus
Kohinoor is a compact and light weight, intelligent three phase four wire energy meter, designed for small commercial and domestic applications. It is available four current range variants with class 1 accuracy. kohinoor provide utilities with powerful revenue protection features as well as data sto..
Code: LT-CT Brand: Genus
Three Phase Four Wire LTCT operated meter fully compliant with IEC Standards. The Energy Meter has specifically been developed to provide utilities with an economical but high quality, and reliable metering solutions with multi-function, Multi-Tariff features, and AMR compatibility to present an eff..
Code: Multifunction-Single-Phase-Meter Brand: Genus
Shikhar is a Single Phase Two Wire Direct Connected/Whole Current, tamper proof, uni-directional/bi-directional (optional), time of use Static Energy Meter. The Device is (Communication Compatible) with class of accuracy 1.0 and conforming to IEC 62053-21/23 and IS 13779...
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